Oracle Imaging


TekStream champions the paperless environment

TekStream champions the paperless enterprise by leveraging Oracle’s WebCenter Imaging (formerly Oracle Imaging and Process Management or I/PM) solution. Does your organization still have volumes of unmanaged paper containing key operational data despite all your investments in technology? Image-enabled processes and applications, implemented using Oracle’s WebCenter Imaging solution, ensure that key data is accurately and efficiently processed and delivered to the right applications and resources at the right time. TekStream experts provide Imaging Solutions to conquer your data and paper challenges once and for all.

Customers currently deployed on Optika, Stellent, or Oracle Imaging and Process Management (I/PM) solutions are quickly coming to terms that their existing applications have become outdated. Optika, Stellent, or Oracle I/PM customers should look to enhance and expand their I/PM solutions by upgrading to Oracle WebCenter Imaging 11g. TekStream provides Optika, Stellent and Oracle I/PM customers with an upgrade path designed to limit the risks of data loss, loss of functionality, and reduce the overall impact to the organization that comes from large-scale upgrades.

TekStream also provides CloudStream as an optional component of our Upgrade Services. CloudStream provides a complete hosting package, based on a Tier-1 backbone, designed to minimize infrastructure costs, providing software price saving options by taking advantage of Oracle VM, reduce implementation time, increase the financial rate of return, and minimize the amount of internal support required.

  • Reduce risk through proven methodologies
  • Maximize data migration tasks with TekStream Tools
  • Reduce cost through license evaluation and Oracle WebCenter Hosting options
  • Paying multiple, high cost data entry resources to manually key in information with errors
  • Inability to manage the volumes of paper and electronic documents that grow exponentially each day
  • Warehouses with boxes of unstructured information remains trapped within paper and is impossible to process
  • Key areas imaging can provide benefits include:
    • Finance & Accounting – Image enable ERP systems for invoicing and expense processing
    • Human Resources – Image enable HRIS systems employee on-boarding and benefit enrollment
    • Legal – contract document archival and access

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