Oracle Network Cloud Services

Secure your systems and Cloud access using Oracle Network Services

Traditional On-Premise applications and workloads gain new life in Cloud-based infrastructure technologies.  Oracle Network Cloud Service offers Site-to-Site VPN for Dedicated Compute customers and FastConnect for all Oracle Cloud customers. Site-to-Site VPN securely extends your On-Premises network to your dedicated Oracle Compute zone, while FastConnect provides a high bandwidth connection between your data center and Oracle Cloud services.  TekStream’s expert team of Cloud engineers can help you take advantage of these leading technologies offered by Oracle to keep your networks safe.

About Our Oracle Network Services:

Fast, efficient networks are vital for any business today. With the risks of hacking or data theft, these networks must also be completely dependable and secure. Oracle Network services provide the tools to ensure you have the best possible service 24/7 through the three distinct versions of its Network Cloud Services that TekStream implements:

  • VPN for Compute— Oracle’s Corente Cloud Services Exchange (Corente CSX) enables distributed enterprises to deliver trusted connectivity services from any location with less complexity and in significantly less time, as well as at a greatly reduced cost. The additional Corente Services Gateway (CSG) offers zero-touch installation for a distributed virtual appliance located at the network edge that provides secure endpoints for VPNs over any IP networks.
  • VPN for Dedicated Compute— Oracle Network Cloud Service Site-to-Site VPN provides a secure, reliable, and cost-effective solution for expanding your private network beyond typical On-Premise reach. Businesses can securely connect to their Dedicated Compute zone over IPSec tunnels as part of their VPN, eliminating the need to invest in leased lines. You’ll get more security and peace of mind.
  • FastConnect— FastConnect addresses one of the most important issues that affect migration to a cloud service: the unpredictablity of the Internet. With FastConnect, you can create a high-speed, dedicated, and low-latency extension for a true hybrid cloud setup.You’ll eliminate the risks inherent in exchanging your data over the Internet, while still maintaining optimal flexibility.

Spotty internet service slows down vital operations, losing you revenue. Oracle’s network services can ensure that you are always plugged into the Cloud without losing a second of service, no matter what happens with your network provider. Oracle Network also offers fully secure VPN options, so if you need to access the Cloud off-site, you can feel confident that no unauthorized personnel will access your platforms. For business owners worried that Cloud configurations may be too risky, Oracle Network options add another layer of protection.

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