Migration Services

Oracle to Liferay Migration Services

Many clients who have relied on portal technologies from Oracle, such as the Oracle WebCenter Portal, Oracle Portal, WebLogic Portal, and WebCenter Interaction, are looking to bring new life into their business through Digital Transformation by adopting best of breed Digital Experience platforms proven to meet their current technical and business requirements while showing a strong vision of innovation to meet their future requirements as well. TekStream’s years of experience with Oracle’s many legacy portal offerings, along with our deep knowledge of Liferay Digital Experience, means that TekStream is uniquely positioned to help Oracle customers make the transition to the Digital Experience world. TekStream’s Migration Services includes Oracle to Liferay migrations, ADF Migration Services, and Migration Fast Track.

ADF Migration Services

TekStream, working directly with Liferay, has developed the methodology and technology to allow Oracle customers to take advantage of their customized portlets and task flows within Liferay. TekStream’s ADF Migration services are designed to allow Oracle customers to retain their applications while making them work within their new Liferay DXP solution without having to completely rewrite them or start over in development activities. In short, TekStream helps you to keep your custom applications while taking full advantage of all the functionality and ease of use Liferay DXP offers.

Migration Fast Track

TekStream offers a Migration Fast Track service that allows potential clients to take advantage of TekStream’s DXP experts to quickly evaluate their existing Oracle portal applications and receive a blueprint and vision of the level of effort to migrate from Oracle to DXP. Fast Track participants will fully understand what of their data, content, and custom components can be migrated to Liferay, what Liferay functions can replace custom applications that were once needed for Oracle to meet business requirements, and how portlets and task flows can be migrated to Liferay to minimize the time necessary to complete the migration and get them up and running. Migration Fast Track is a free service to qualified clients looking to take advantage of Digital Experience by moving off of Oracle’s portal technologies to Liferay DXP.