TekStream’s FOIA Management Business Solutions

The Freedom to succeed

TekStream has a long history of helping companies successfully manage their legal processes, content, and workflows. Leveraging our experience and power and flexibility of Hyland’s OnBase, TekStream Business Solutions now enables our customers to address their Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) challenges more efficiently. The FOIA requires the delivery of documents and data to requestors when solicited. And today, requestors expect a quick turnaround with regard to delivery. OnBase’s FOIA solution, along with TekStream’s years of delivering enterprise content solutions, relieves much of that burden by digitizing critical information, tracking requests and responses, and giving organizations and agencies the tools to proactively post certain records on websites, reducing the number of requests agencies receive in the first place. The FOIA Management business solution offer the following benefits:

  • Requests are easier to manage using OnBase Forms and Workflow.
  • Minimizes chances of lost, incorrectly indexed or otherwise missing data.
  • Redaction process is faster and creates less waste (e.g. – printing, redacting, photocopying).
  • Digitizing records sets the stage for faster retrievals for operational use while applying retention rules to records to meet governed policies