Maximize your Hyland Onbase solution from Day 1.

TekStream leverages a combination of business-consulting, implementation, managed services and recruiting expertise to help companies manage the massive volumes of applications, content, Internet-based services, and machine data that have been created over the past decade as well as take advantage of next generation cloud-based solutions. Our implementation services for Hyland OnBase, an enterprise information platform, are designed to help our clients make the most out of their Hyland OnBase solutions while providing strategic vision and “Best Practices” to ensure your success.

Upon completion of building, testing, and delivering a highly successful Hyland OnBase Information Management solution, it is vital to implement a proven strategy for maintenance and support of that system. Supporting these types of solutions requires not just the ability to keep the software up and running, but maintaining both the external interfaces and the underlying systems, data, integrations, and implementation environment (whether on-premise systems or in the cloud). Our Hyland OnBase Support services continually optimize the stability of your implementation by monitoring and maintaining your environment, ensuring not just that your initial investment in the platform is protected, but that future issues are identified and addressed before they arise. We enhance security, prevent outages, and ensure that your OnBase solutions continue to run smoothly 24/7.

TekStream has a long history of helping companies successfully manage their legal processes, content, and workflows. Leveraging our experience and power and flexibility of Hyland’s OnBase, TekStream Business Solutions now enables our customers to address their Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) challenges more efficiently.

Minimize risk. Maximize control over contract management. Hyland’s OnBase equips organizations to manage the contract lifecycle from request to approval, and from expiration to renewal. With enterprise contract management software, you can automate predictable steps and drive work forward more efficiently.

Increasing invoice volume, greater process complexity and ongoing pressure to do more with less – this is the new normal for accounts payable (AP) departments. You have a core financial system in place to manage your transactional data, but what about the information and documents your team has to manage outside that system? What about the manual processes and piles of paperwork putting stress on your AP team?

TekStream, along with Hyland’s OnBase AP Automation can drive control around your Accounts Payable processes and give you the financial clarity you need.

Hyland OnBase isn’t your average enterprise content management application. Built to meet content needs for the entire organization from Accounts Payable to Contract Management, there are a lot of options to select from. TekStream’s Hyland OnBase product experts can help you ensure you are getting exactly what you need from OnBase to meet not only today’s requirements, but tomorrow’s as well.


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Choosing a platform on which to build your organization’s connected experiences can be a tricky endeavor; as you search for a stable, proven system that won’t be obsolete or unsupported as soon as you finish your deployment.  Liferay DXP is a strong candidate for consideration.  The Liferay platform – acknowledged as Leader in the Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience – is built on a flexible, proven architecture that can be deployed at any scale, in any environment; from a small local virtual machine for testing to an extensive enterprise deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, or the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.  The Open Source underpinnings make the platform extremely developer-friendly while still providing business users and end users the clean, intuitive user experiences they demand, in the channels they prefer.