Managed Services

Simplify Accounts Payable Processing & Reduce Costs

Despite the advent of EDI and e-Invoicing, 60% of invoices still arrive on paper or via email in formats that can’t be easily uploaded to your accounts payable processing systems. This requires manual entry, causing additional delays, costly errors, and frequent setbacks. Ez Cloud’s imaging and invoice processing technology automates 90% of the invoicing process. This improves your company’s efficiency, reduces costs, and virtually eliminates many common problems, including:

  • Complexities caused by multiple ERP systems and silos.
  • Lack of innovation in an area long considered a top business priority.
  • Expensive, time-consuming reviews of manual work.
  • Lengthy approval cycles.
  • Human error.
  • Accrual blind spots caused by ineffective data capture.

If you have embraced digital tools in other functional areas yet struggle to modernize invoicing for the digital age, EZ Cloud provides the ideal solution.

About TekStream’s EZ Cloud Managed Services

TekStream creates custom EZ Cloud solutions for your business that maximize your ROI and minimize your involvement in the process. Our custom solutions address the specific challenges facing your business and your industry. Not only will we ensure that all ERPs are integrated in real time, but we will also guarantee an easier, automated system that makes your company more efficient.

TekStream’s certified consultants have led over 250 implementations using our industry-leading QuickStream methodology. Our consultants have years of experience leveraging both on-prem and cloud-based solutions utilizing EZ Cloud technology.

TekStream’s EZ Cloud solutions offer you a new way to integrate paper and digital invoices into a single, simple, and efficient accounts payable processing solution. When TekStream designs your EZ Cloud solutions, you’ll maximize your benefits. We offer:

  • Fast Implementation – Our QuickStream implementation methodology allows for rapid requirements analysis, design, and road mapping, as well as faster full implementation. You’ll get your invoices automated as quickly as possible.
  • Streamlined Visibility that Maximizes Business Intelligence – We’ll set up advanced analytics that consolidate all relevant information across ERPs and company processes. EZ Cloud will then automatically generate reports with clear business intelligence data and takeaways to distill the information that will be most useful to your organization. All necessary financial information is carefully secured but is still easily available to key individuals, including executives, operational staff, and auditors.
  • End-to-End Integration – Our flexible deployment system ensures that all invoicing procedures are fully integrated, from start to finish. You’ll get real-time feedback from each system, ensuring that all systems work together smoothly and produce better results.

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