AP Automation

Streamline Your Accounts Payable and Invoice Processing

Despite advances in cloud computing, accounts payable processing remains inefficient, error-prone, and time-consuming. Most cloud-based legacy invoicing systems automate only about 20% of key AP tasks. TekStream’s EZ Cloud AP automation services allows you to finally automate over 90% of AP operations for a simpler invoicing process from start to finish– all using software that integrates with your ERP
system in real time.

About TekStream’s EZ Cloud AP Automation Services

TekStream’s EZ Cloud AP automation services offer end-to-end process automation for your AP operations, allowing your company to shorten processing cycles using cutting-edge image capture and data entry technology. Key functions will be carried out independently on the system, so AP operations are completed more quickly and with fewer errors–which leads to higher returns for your business.

EZ Cloud’s invoice automation technology automates both data capture and process, so AP operations are completed more efficiently. This leads to an average of three times the cost savings previously available. In addition, the integrated nature of TekStream’s AP automation technology allows you to better see the big picture of what’s happening in your business at any time.

AP automation revolutionizes accounts payable management by:

  • Automating an average of 90% of AP operations
  • Integrating processes with ERP in real time
  • Configuring business rules to increase automation flexibility without disrupting the way you do business
  • Creating streamlined and unified workflows for non-PO invoices, 2/3-way PO invoices, check requests, credit memos, freight invoices, and exception handling
  • Enabling and enforcing process standardization
  • Balancing workloads
  • Increasing compliance while creating a simple audit trail
  • Providing instant access to information on invoices, payments, discounts, penalties, suppliers, PO coverage, cycle time, user workloads, and user delays
  • Consolidating reporting across all processes and ERPs for better data

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