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Have you embraced digital tools throughout your business, yet struggled to modernize your invoicing? AP automation remains a vexing issue for many organizations. Over half of all invoices are still printed on paper or emailed in formats that cannot be easily uploaded to AP automation systems, and most legacy invoice automation and imaging solutions automate only about 20% of key AP tasks. As a result, organizations are stuck dealing with paper invoices, paper checks, lengthy approval cycles, manual data entry, and all the errors that can occur along the way.

TekStream’s AP Automation business solutions help drive efficiency through intelligent automation to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Powered by AI and machine learning, EZ Cloud’s AP automation solution works alongside your current ERP using a 3-part process: Capture, Authorize, & Pay.

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Despite the advent of EDI and e-Invoicing, 60% of invoices still arrive on paper or via email in formats that can’t be easily uploaded to your accounts payable processing systems. This requires manual entry, causing additional delays, costly errors, and frequent setbacks. EZ Cloud’s imaging and invoice processing technology automates 90% of the invoicing process via a cloud-based SaaS solution. Let TekStream manage and support your AP Automation solution so you can focus on growing your business.


TekStream simplifies the EZ Cloud purchase and licensing process. As both Oracle and EZ Cloud experts and resellers, we understand all the highly complex licensing rules that apply to your Oracle-based technology solutions. TekStream can be your single vendor for your EZ Cloud AP implementation, eliminating complexity and cost and ensuring a smooth purchase, licensing, and deployment process.

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Despite advances in cloud computing, accounts payable processing remains inefficient, error-prone, and time-consuming. Most cloud-based legacy invoicing systems automate only about 20% of key AP tasks. TekStream’s EZ Cloud AP automation services allow you to finally automate over 90% of AP operations for a simpler invoicing process from start to finish– all using software that integrates with your ERP system in real time.

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