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Do you know the next step for your portal?

If your organization has outgrown past platforms, needs more robust functionality, or needs to upgrade to next-generation enterprise portal or content management solutions, we can help.

Over the past 10 years, Oracle WebCenter Interaction (WCI) has gone through several iterations of its lifecycle. Starting in 2003 as Plumtree Corporate Portal 5.0, it progressed to BEA’s AquaLogic User Interaction 6.1 (ALUI), then to WebCenter Interaction 10gR3 when Oracle purchased BEA. In 2011, Oracle released its last major version of WCI as version 10gR4. WCI is expected to enter into Extended Support as of January 2014 with no planned enhancements. WCI is targeted to be “sunset”, and the strategic portal technology from Oracle is WebCenter Portal.

In addition, if your organization has an investment in BEA WebLogic Portal, Oracle iAS (Internet Application Server) Portal or legacy Sun Portal Server, TekStream also has resources and methodologies that can assist in moving you to Oracle WebCenter Portal, the strategic platform for Oracle’s future portal investments.

Typical Business Challenges
  • Your organization uses the former Plumtree / BEA AquaLogic User Interaction (ALUI), Oracle WebCenter Interaction (WCI – version 6.X), BEA WebLogic Portal, Oracle iAS Portal and/or Sun Portal Server and you are confused about what to do next or even where to start
  • Business users from across the organization are demanding enterprise social networking and collaboration tools such as blogs, wikis, tagging and discussions, but your current platform can’t quickly adapt to meet these needs
  • Your organization is looking to consolidate the volume of heterogeneous and disparate web applications to provide your end users with a better user experience and to reduce management and infrastructure costs
  • Excessive dependence on IT staff to create, upload, modify, or retire content
  • Pressure to provide tools and solutions to manage content more easily in a multitude of channels (online, video and mobile)

A strong upgrade plan should focus on identifying the functionality that will be upgraded rather than making a mirror image of the current implementation while avoiding legacy creep of functions and content. Due to differences between the legacy Oracle portal solutions and the new WebCenter Portal, some functions have maintained a direct correlation while others have been consolidated down into new pathways.

How TekStream Can Help

TekStream consultants can take you from your current platform to what’s next in robust Enterprise Portal and Content Management functionality. Our consultants have upgraded multiple customers to the latest revision of Oracle WebCenter Portal through a methodical series of steps that will help ensure success and a stable system at the end of the process, taking into account which legacy Oracle software you are upgrading from (BEA, Oracle, Sun, etc.).

We manage the upgrade process as well as help your organization identify and correct pre-existing issues with your portal and/or implement architectural improvements to increase the platform’s performance and stability. At the end of our package upgrade process, your portal will be more stable, faster, and reliable. It will also be ready to take advantage of additional functionality provided by the latest Oracle WebCenter Suite of software, such as Oracle WebCenter Content (formerly Oracle Universal Content Management), collaborative services such as PeopleConnect, Wikis, Blogs, and feature-rich Discussions. TekStream experts can help you upgrade your portal as quickly and painlessly as possible.