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Is your enterprise portal past its expiration date?

You know there’s something not quite right with your portal. It functions fine now, but it’s not quite ready for what comes next. Or worse – your business has outgrown it, but you aren’t sure where to start or exactly how to get your portal in fighting shape.

Typical Business Challenges
  • You are managing a complex and costly web of homegrown, legacy and externally hosted applications to serve employees, customers and partners
  • Business users from across the organization are demanding enterprise social networking and collaboration tools such as blogs, wikis, tagging and discussions
  • Finding information in internal and external applications, including internet, intranet, and massive fileshare or “Z-drive” storage dumps is difficult
  • The migration options for your existing Plumtree / BEA AquaLogic or WebLogic / Oracle WebCenter Interaction portal are too confusing
How TekStream Can Help

TekStream’s experienced team of portal and content management specialists can help you evaluate your current portal platform and rapidly create a well-planned future solution. TekStream’s Portal implementation methodology starts at the beginning with our QuickStream process where we Discover what you have in place now, Define where you want to go next, and provide a well-supported Delivery Plan on how to get there. We offer a true partnership approach to addressing your organization’s Portal/Content Management challenges and work with you to produce a rapid series of high-impact deliverables to quickly get your new portal initiative out of the starting block and on its way to a successful implementation. Let TekStream show you how to get from here to what’s next.