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Are you buried in content?

Do you use, store, and manage it effectively? Today’s corporate content is no longer just MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF files. The explosive growth of video and imagery to support electronic communication, online training, and operations has created a growing need to more effectively manage these unique types of digital assets. By utilizing Oracle Webcenter Content’s digital asset management capability you can promptly store, find, view, and control all of your digital assets and rich media with ease.

Typical Business Challenges
  • Handling the massive volume of multi-media content and the increasing use of electronic newsletters, training materials and video through various communication channels
  • Storing multi-media files in traditional file storage systems making them hard to manage, manipulate and maintain
  • Searching for multi-media content including images, audio and video
  • Having a single repository inclusive of the “approved” assets for all of your organization’s multi-media needs
How TekStream Can Help

Our experienced consultants understand the unique management needs that multi-media assets require leveraging Oracle WebCenter Content. From multiple storage version options (low, medium, and high resolution file formats) for images, to specialized storage options for video files, these assets require a variable content management approach. TekStream experts can help your organization address these needs by working with your organization to rapidly deploy today’s leading Oracle Enterprise Content Management solutions. We help you to address the unique challenges of optimizing Oracle WebCenter data storage requirements, providing better visual browse capabilities (dynamic thumbnails and story boards), and providing easy one-stop source management of multi-rendition content.