Enterprise Content Managment Strategy - Chess


Do you have an Enterprise Content Management Strategy?

“Content” used to mean a document, spreadsheet, image, or digital file that was fairly easy to find on its owner’s desktop. But now that everyone’s a content manager, you probably have content in multiple versions dispersed throughout your organization. How do you organize and manage content that seems to live everywhere (or nowhere)?

Typical Business Challenges
  • Multiple silos of content stored throughout your organization with no unified governance or centralized management strategy
  • Supporting new business goals in the areas of enterprise social computing and collaboration (blogs, wikis, digital whiteboards, online meetings, and instant messaging)
  • Users don’t know where relevant content is located
  • Pressure to provide tools and solutions to manage content more easily in a multitude of channels (online, video and mobile)
  • Users don’t know what version of a document is the “official” version they are supposed to use

Perhaps your organization’s electronic assets have grown at exponential rates and outgrowing the systems that are supposed to manage them. In other cases, the numerous “solutions” have multiplied almost as much as the content, leaving an organization with redundant methods and multiple repositories that have systematically and organically sprung up all over the corporation. The fatal flaws in these independent systems include no overall standardized governance structure, such as an approved workflow process of creation, review, approval, and publication, and no standardized way of finding these assets.  Worse, your organization may have several “standards” and “repositories”, none of which interact with each other, leaving you with multiple silos of information. This blind maze of content assets results in increased inefficiency and high costs.

How TekStream Can Help

TekStream’s expert Oracle consultants can quickly team with your organization’s business and technical teams to organize your electronic assets into a unified, secure, searchable architecture. Our proven QuickStream methodology rapidly identifies and prioritizes functional and non-functional requirements, formulates a solution leveraging industry leading Content Management technologies, and provides a thorough, step-by-step phased implementation plan. We follow our plan of attack with a rigorous cycle of design, development, and implementation, reeling your content back in so you can tag it, maintain it, keep it in compliance, and create a content lifecycle that works for your business. To learn more about QuickStream, view our detailed datasheet to help you decide if it’s right for you.

TekStream helps companies by providing Services, managing Support, procuring Software, and Sourcing talent for the leading Social Business platform, Oracle WebCenter Suite. We are recognized by Oracle as a nationally-preferred partner due to our extensive IT experience, knowledge of the Oracle WebCenter platform, and our track record of delivering tangible business results to clients. This consistent commitment to building long-term client relationships, plus a dedication to quality and ROI, is why our clients choose TekStream as their guide into the world of Social Business.