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Is your business drowning in content?

Today’s organizations face difficulties managing the massive volumes of content that are created within an organization. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has moved beyond simple documents to huge repositories of video, audio, email, and high-resolution digital images as well as transactional content such as invoices, forms and records found in systems like Oracle E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft. Additionally, Oracle WebCenter Content provides leading-edge solutions for all types of content management needs. From file server consolidation to sophisticated multi-site web content management, Oracle WebCenter Content provides a robust, scalable solution, along with a powerful infrastructure that allows you to create content-enabled applications.

Typical Business Challenges
  • High cost of maintaining multiple content management solutions that support various line of business applications
  • Supporting new business goals in the areas of enterprise social computing and collaboration (blogs, wikis, digital whiteboards, online meetings, and instant messaging)
  • Pressure to provide tools and solutions to manage content more easily in a multitude of channels (online, video and mobile)
  • Inability to manage the volumes of paper and electronic documents that grow exponentially each day including transactional content such as invoices, sales orders, contracts, etc. Excessive dependence on IT staff to create, upload, modify, or retire content
  • Regulatory compliance concerns, including electronic preservation and discovery of information for legal use
How TekStream Can Help

As Oracle WebCenter experts, TekStream consultants understand the problems inherent in the proliferation of content and how it affects your business. We can help you move toward a content solution that takes into account not just what’s new or next in software — we also leverage what’s gone before. We’ll help you prioritize your needs and turn your content deadends into dynamic systems that interact the way your business needs them to.

We can help your business consolidate and refine the tools you need to provide a complete and integrated platform to solve a multitude of needs throughout your organization, with a data solution that meets current compliance standards.

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