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Oracle WebCenter is Dead: 3 Reasons Companies Still Haven’t Moved

By: Cam Coulson | Managing Director TekStream Solutions

We’re coming to the end of the road for Oracle WebCenter. While it may still be around, it is only minimally supported. That means very little new development and limited security patches. Oracle has shifted its focus away from on-prem software to investing more resources into Oracle Content Management (OCM) and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This shift from Oracle WebCenter has left companies looking for viable alternatives and not everyone has found it easy to make the leap to a replacement. Here are three of the most common reasons we hear from our clients on why they haven’t moved away from Oracle WebCenter.

It’s Too Hard and Complex

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Any significant migration is going to come with its complexities and complications. For example, choosing what functionality you need, potentially re-writing portions of the code, updating integrations, and migrating content to a new platform.

This is where having a proven partner can make the difference. The right partner will help you navigate the options and help you choose the system that’s best for your organization. 

It’s important to align with a partner that has deep experience in cloud platforms (like Oracle and AWS) and on-premise WebCenter solutions. TekStream is uniquely qualified as one of the most experienced teams in the market to help organizations make the shift to the Cloud. Through our proven process, we demystify the migration process and help organizations confidently move from outdated Oracle WebCenter environments to a proper replacement solution. 

It’s Too Expensive

This is one of the most common reasons we hear from companies that haven’t made the shift. But, when you compare the cost of Oracle WebCenter to other options (OCM/OCI/AWS/etc.), it is quite competitive. And when you factor in the time and effort required to maintain Oracle WebCenter compared to other systems, it can be even more cost-effective to make the switch.

Here again, is where the right partner can make all the difference. Licensing is a core driver of costs for many cloud-based systems. TekStream has proven experience working with clients to restructure your licensing agreements and adjust your cloud agreements to ensure a solution that will work for your budget and team needs. 

We Don’t Know Where to Begin 

The first step is always the hardest. Many organizations are fixated on choosing the best possible solution, and with so many players in the market, this can seem like an unwinnable task. The result? These companies end up paralyzed by the decision they must make.

The good news is that now there are some viable options available: 

● Oracle Content Manager (OCM)

● Amazon Web Services (AWS)

● Another Platform such as Liferay

We recommend starting your journey away from Oracle WebCenter by looking at OCM as a replacement solution. OCM is adding functionality all the time and currently addresses many WebCenter Content (WCC), WebCenter Imaging (WCI), WebCenter Portal (WCP), and WebCenter Sites (WCS) use cases that haven’t been possible until the last few months. 

If you’re still struggling with where to begin, TekStream can help. We can assess your current environment and use case to help you determine what new platform would best fit your needs – whether that’s OCM, AWS, or another reliable option. 

One thing’s for sure, Oracle is investing in the cloud, which means on-prem software is not going to be a priority for them anymore. So, it is time to move on! 

Give TekStream a call today or send us a note and let us help you find a better solution. We are here to help you make a successful transition away from Oracle WebCenter.