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Oracle WebCenter Content Configuration Migration Utility Limitations – How to migrate PDF Watermark Rules


Oracle WebCenter Content Configuration
Migration Utility Limitations

How to migrate PDF Watermark Rules

By: Angela Lindsey | WebCenter Content Senior Developer

Oracle’s WebCenter Content Configuration Migration Utility (CMU) is a powerful tool for application administrators to migrate the majority of the Content Server configurations from one instance to another.  I believe Stellent developed CMU primarily to migrate the core configurations that are a part of the base Content Server, and since then the WebCenter Content product has evolved and matured.

Configuration Migration Utility Limitations: After all the Oracle acquisitions, product restructuring, architecting, rebranding, patches and releases; it is unfortunate that more focus hasn’t been made on providing administrators and developers a cohesive tool that can be used to migrate all the configurations easily.  After some hands-on administration experience you will find there isn’t a master tool to migrate all the WebCenter Content configurations within the whole product offering.  So until then, we need to follow other migration tasks to migrate configurations not included within CMU.  Migrating custom table data such as option list values is performed using the Archiver tool.  Other WCC components can be enabled such as Content Categorizer, Framework Folders, FileStore Provider and Site Studio. Migrating the customizations associated with these components isn’t integrated with CMU and you will need to use other techniques to migrate them.  We use Archiver to migrate Framework Folders, and you use the Manage Site Replication or Backup and Restore tools (backend Archiver) to migrate Site Studio configurations.  Inbound Refinery doesn’t integrate with CMU and you will have to manually migrate the file formats and conversion options settings. But other components such as Records Management do integrate with CMU.

Migrating PDF Watermark Rules: For a recent project we spent several hours creating the perfect PDF Watermark templates and rules for our client’s confidential documents.  After receiving business approval to push this to production we quickly discovered that Archiver only moved our custom templates as content items but not the rules we created to display them.  Shortly after that we discovered we could not use the CMU to migrate the PDF Watermark Rules either.

The solution is to migrate an hda file that contains PDF Watermark rule name, criteria, and templateID.

For WCC 11g the file is called pdfwTemplateSelectionRules.hda and for local installs it can be found at

Or this location if using a fileshare in a cluster configuration

After migrating this file over to the destination instance it is suggested to reload and verify the rule(s) are listed in the PDF Watermark Administration applet.

As noted in a previous post hopefully in a future release of the Oracle WebCenter product we can migrate all configurations needed using the same tool and process.