Oracle On-Prem Support

Make operations and maintenance of your Oracle WebCenter implementations stable and affordable with TekStream support

Once you have Oracle software offerings running your IT systems, maintenance and support become a vital part of your business success strategy. TekStream On-Prem premium support provides a methodology that allows us to quickly assume responsibility for operationally managing your Oracle WebCenter environment. Our Oracle On-Prem support services then optimize the stability of your implementation by monitoring and maintaining your environment. We enhance security, prevent outages, and ensure that your Oracle On-Prem applications run smoothly every day.

About Our Oracle On-Prem Support Services

TekStream’s core mission for our support clients is to keep your Oracle environment stable and available. This includes performing responsive triage and core support tasks, such as responding to outages or service requests. Our team leverages a custom mix of tools, technologies, and experience to quickly:

  • Assess and optimize the stability of your current implementation
  • Monitor and maintain your environment on an ongoing basis
  • Ensure resolution of any outages to maintain targeted business SLA’s
  • Proactively maintain patches
  • Achieve performance targets and enhance the stability of the environment
  • Address your enhancement or bug backlog
  • Maintain or enhance by making ongoing application adjustments that are development-focused, such as reviewing and enhancing page or content delivery performance, modifying workflows and interfaces, adding notifications and alerts, updating application security, and enabling application components
  • Provide development guidance and informal training
  • Supply product enhancement evaluations
  • Assist in performance testing and validation
  • Drive stabilization or performance improvement efforts
  • Provide regular visibility to support issues through regular status meetings, status reports, and executive level reviews

Solutions to Typical Business Challenges

Oracle On-Prem Support poses significant challenges for many companies. Few enterprises have the level of IT bandwidth necessary to constantly monitor for the unique problems faced by On-Prem implementation, much less the broad experience to see trends before they emerge as a problem. The TekStream team, on the other hand, has broad visibility to the Oracle customer base for implementations that are similar to yours. This has given us a deep understanding of the underlying technology, which we can leverage to create proactive support and maintenance recommendations.

Additionally, we can provide proactive development guidance to help prevent your investment from becoming obsolete. TekStream Support maintains direct lines of communication with Oracle Product Management, giving us a behind-the-scenes understanding of product roadmaps and futures. We can predict the impact of product decisions that can affect your implementation or strategic direction.

Our proactive guidance can include:

  • Quarterly updates and constant monitoring
  • System-focused patch management and updates not requiring regression testing
  • Alerts about new updates or hotfixes and recommendations for their implementation
  • Implementation assistance to resolve recognized security problems or issues discovered by your team
  • Estimates for any custom coding required to correct uncovered issues
  • Custom code to correct problems
  • Compliance reviews to reduce the risk of time-consuming Oracle audits

How TekStream Can Help

TekStream Support provides each client with a custom gap-analysis and infrastructure assessment. This allows us to assess your environment stability and onboard you into the TekStream support environment. Building a baseline of familiarity with your Oracle On-Prem system allows us to leverage our experience to shorten average recovery time and enhance root cause analysis for any outages or errors. This custom assessment ensures that we can provide you with tailored solutions for any problems uncovered.

Our infrastructure assessment includes:

  • Evaluation of the stability and visibility of targeted infrastructure components, including hardware, software, and services
  • Instrumentation of the environment to expose any components that do not provide adequate visibility to relevant health metrics with optimal frequency
  • Definition of an appropriate support communication plan
  • Onboarding of designated contacts into TekStream’s ticketing system
  • Initial loading of current service requests with an appropriate level of detail into the TekStream ticketing system
  • Identifying the backlog of development enhancements, bugs, and issues
We process your assessment as quickly as possible to ensure you get full support capabilities fast. For customers that have environments unfamiliar to TekStream, it can take us 80 hours to gain a full understanding of your “As-Is” environment. For familiar implementations, this process takes as few as 20 hours. Once the assessment is complete, TekStream takes over full control of maintenance and support, freeing your IT team to return to more business-critical tasks. Talk with TekStream Support about how you can free yourself from the ongoing challenges of supporting and managing your Oracle environments.