Oracle FYQ3 Results: Growing Software Revenues and TekStream Success

Oracle released FY03 results in late March ( and perhaps most notable among the revenue figures was the significant growth of software revenues. 

Growing market acceptance and adoption of Oracle WebCenter – which the company calls ‘the user engagement platform for social business” – are at the core of TekStream’s business; as an Oracle reseller and preferred partner, our continued success is keeping pace with the growth of Oracle’s software business.

The trends we see in North America mirror the growth of Oracle’s software revenues and contribute to TekStream’s continual acquisition of new customers and repeat business with existing ones.

A few recent examples:

  • Automobile Dealer Services Provider: to wring inefficiencies and costs from a legacy system that had reached its technical limits, TekStream implemented a highly-available Oracle WebCenter Content solution capable of managing >100M customer-facing digital assets for the company’s B2B website handling 4.9M visitors per month.
  • Retailer and Distributor of hardware, renovation products: by implementing and integrating Oracle WebCenter with existing 3rd party technologies, TekStream enabled the company’s major initiative to drive significant revenue through a sophisticated eCommerce site resulting in a reported return on capital investment.
  • Large Commercial Airport: implementing a scalable Oracle WebCenter environment to cost-effectively organize, digitize, and manage thousands of assets while ensuring Federal compliance.

TekStream helps companies by procuring Software, providing Services, managing Support, and Sourcing talent for Oracle’s WebCenter platform. TekStream is recognized by Oracle as a nationally preferred partner due to its extensive IT experience, knowledge of the Oracle WebCenter platform, and its track record of delivering tangible business results to clients.

Keep watching this space for more TekStream success stories, valuable resources and how-to tips from our experts and of course, commentary.