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Oracle DoCS vs. OSN: Which One to Choose

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Oracle DoCS vs. OSN: Which One to Choose

By: Greg Becker | Technical Architect

With all of the recent releases and offerings from Oracle in the Cloud space, it’s easy to get confused when deciding which one(s) may be appropriate for your business. At the same time, it’s essential to understand the offerings, especially if you need to make important business decisions regarding which solutions and products to implement. Two of those recent offerings from Oracle are Documents Cloud Service (referred to as Oracle DoCS) and Oracle Social Network Cloud (referred to as OSN).

Oracle DoCS: Documents Cloud Service

Oracle Documents Cloud Service is an enterprise-level collaboration platform that is available in Oracle Cloud. It connects people and information. Built for the enterprise from the ground up, offering robust security and integration options, DoCS focuses on easy-to-use collaboration optimized for social and mobile use.


OSN: Oracle Social Network

Oracle Social Network enables people to have online conversations, share documents, start one-on-one chats for quick private exchanges, and build out rich user profiles to find the right people to connect with.


Differences of Intent Between DoCS and OSN

After reading Oracle’s introduction of both products, they sound very similar in nature; in fact, to some extent they are. The difference comes primarily in what each product is primarily used for and also what type of content it is based around. DoCS is primarily for files and conversations (discussions and annotations, real-time/online) based around various file types (contracts, presentations, etc.) and OSN is primarily for collaboration based around social objects (sales opportunities, talent profiles, incident reports, etc.).

Differences of Integration Capabilities

Another primary difference between the two products revolves around the software that each product integrates with. Oracle Social Network integrates with Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud, Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud, and Oracle Service Cloud. DoCS integrates with Oracle Process Cloud, Oracle Sites Cloud, SaaS, and on-premises applications and content management systems. There are also robust APIs for easy integration with PaaS, third-party systems using DOCS.

So…Should I choose Documents Cloud Service or Oracle Social Network?

Take a look at both products if you’re in the market for a cloud sharing and collaboration tool. If you’re looking for a product that revolves around social objects, Oracle Social Network might be the right one for you. If you’re looking to connect people and information across a wide range of business units within your organization, then DoCS may be the best solution to solve your business problem.

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