Oracle Open World: Whats the Buzz? — Part 2

This Article was originally posted by Troy Allen on CMSWire on Oct 11, 2011   

Abstract: Oracle Open World: Whats the Buzz provides an overview of topics discussed during Oracle Open World. Further, the author goes into how the new buzz will further help meet customer demands.

The innovations continue with Oracle. Another example, Oracle Social Network, streamlines the communication within an organization while allowing for the same collaborative capabilities to resources external to a company. Imagine being able to put a marker in a phone conference so that someone who was not physically on the call could load the recording and skip directly to key parts of the conversation. The implications to productivity are incredible.

Cool Tools Help Customers to Improve

As a final note, these are really cool tools. They are designed to improve how we conduct business while saving organizations money in the long run either through minimizing hardware, improving processes, keeping employees and customers in tune with each other, and providing better data to make better business decisions. “How can it help me?” Oracle and its partners are working on the appropriate messaging and examples of these technologies being applied to use cases, but in short, Oracle’s innovations help customers to improve…Improve business operations for all aspects of the organization.

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