Never a Dull Moment: Oracle Earnings, Acquisitions & Winning WebCenter Strategies

To paraphrase a recent media report, one thing you can never say about Oracle is they’re boring. In fact, they’re “on-fire” – this week the company announced its Q4FY12 earnings and it comes as no surprise to us that Oracle’s new applications license revenues are up 35%. This growth is certainly fueled in part by Oracle WebCenter; the continued confidence in and adoption of the product mimics what we’re seeing with our clients.

It goes without saying companies recognize the business value in interacting with customers through a variety of channels using a single, common platform. What’s remarkable is how many are choosing Oracle WebCenter and partnering with TekStream to cost-effectively realize this value.

To maximize their existing investments and take advantage of the new capabilities in the product, a growing number of our clients are migrating other technologies into the platform and quickly upgrading to the most recent version. Our most successful clients do so nimbly and without wasting resources or money by having critical insight before the projects begin using QuickStream our latest service offering. In a three-to-six week engagement, we can bring business and IT stakeholders together to set and prioritize requirements, determine budget allocations and create actionable plans for managing technology migration, product upgrades and budgeting processes.

I mentioned before the growing capabilities of the product. To wit, the recent acquisition of ‘social CRM’ provider, Virtue and the company’s announcement of Oracle WebCenter Sites are bringing additional features and ease of use to the already-substantial power of the product. As an Oracle partner and company dedicated to bringing more value to Oracle WebCenter customers, we wholeheartedly believe in this strategy. We continue to enable our clients to cost-effectively turn the power of the platform into improved customer satisfaction and ultimately, increasing revenues.