Liferay Support

After creating that world-class Digital Experience for your users, it is vital to implement a proven strategy for maintenance and support of that system. Supporting a Digital Experience Platform requires not just the ability to keep the software itself up and running, but maintaining and supporting both the external interfaces and the underlying systems, data, integrations, and implementation environment (whether on-premise systems or in the cloud). Our Liferay Support services continually optimize the stability of your implementation by monitoring and maintaining your environment, ensuring not just that your initial investment in the platform is protected, but that future issues are identified and addressed before they arise. We enhance security, prevent outages, and ensure that your Digital Experience application continues to run smoothly day after day.

About Liferay Support Services

TekStream’s core mission for our support clients is to keep your environment safe and stable. This includes performing responsive triage and core support tasks, such as responding to potential pre-outage warnings and service requests; as well as a complete and proven approach to preventive actions – identifying the problems before they occur. Our team leverages a custom mix of tools, technologies, and experience to quickly:

  • Assess and optimize the stability of your current implementation
  • Monitor and maintain your environment on an ongoing basis
  • Ensure resolution of any outages to maintain targeted business SLA’s
  • Proactively maintain patches
  • Achieve performance targets and enhance the stability of the environment
  • Address your enhancement or bug backlog
  • Maintain or enhance by making ongoing application adjustments that are development-focused, such as reviewing and enhancing page or content delivery performance, modifying workflows and interfaces, adding notifications and alerts, updating application security, and enabling application components
  • Provide development guidance and informal training
  • Supply product enhancement evaluations
  • Assist in performance testing and validation
  • Drive stabilization or performance improvement efforts
  • Provide regular visibility to support issues through regular status meetings, status reports, and executive level reviews