Is It Time to Switch to Oracle Webcenter? — Part 2

Originally posted by Troy Allen on CMSWire on Ocotober 27, 2011. 

Abstract: This article provides an overview of Documentum software and discuss Oracles direction towards its Webcenter product suite

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Opportunities to Help Documentum Customers

I had an opportunity to speak with Brian Dirking, Principal Product Director, Oracle, recently and he is excited about how Oracle can help existing Documentum customers. “We are excited about the opportunities we see in the market place. Oracle natively provides functionality that they (Documentum customers) have had to engineer through difficult customizations and third-party products work together in a way they were never meant to.” He also indicated that “Oracle has set its strategy for WebCenter and its continued growth in functionality and completeness.”

 As a Systems Integrator, I can anticipate some of the reactions existing Documentum customers will have to the new campaign. “Migration will cost too much. I’ve already invested so much. I just can’t shut it down to put in something new.” Changing technologies is always a challenge, but many companies have done complete infrastructure replacements…successfully. The key is making sure that the new technology not only meets current requirements, but allows for growth and expansion; no one wants to do a rip-and-replace every few years.

Organizations wishing to take on such an endeavor should find a tested and dependable partner who can help them plan a strategy for success. And finally, companies should employ a structured roll-out focusing on “low hanging fruit.” By selecting portions of the infrastructure to target for initial deployments, success can be quickly achieved. As the old saying goes, “Success breeds success.”

“Migration will cost too much.” Companies should look at how much they are paying now for managing their Documentum implementation. Compound that with upgrade costs, integration costs, system and hardware costs, and they will see that, with Oracle’s generous credit offer, there really is an ROI to be had.

“I’ve already invested so much.” That is understandable. Most Sis estimate a Documentum implementation to run as much as five times the software cost. The cost of that investment will only increase over time and may even grow exponentially if Documentum does not continue to enhance the product line. Eventually, companies will be investing on a platform with very little return to show for it.

“I just can’t shut it down to put in something new.” Of course not. Oracle and its partners will help Documentum customers implement the Oracle WebCenter platform in an Active-Active process, migrating information and functionality at the right time while decommissioning Documentum over time.

Oracle’s technology, support, and yes, pricing, makes it a very compelling case for existing Documentum customers to look forward to a brighter future.

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