TekStream Introduces Mobile Solution for Oracle WebCenter


TekStream Introduces Mobile Solution for Oracle WebCenter

About Oracle WebCenter FotoInStream:

Oracle WebCenter FotoInStream is a mobile application that lets organizations capture, annotate, report, save and share field activities remotely using a tablet or mobile device.

With Oracle WebCenter FotoInStream, stakeholders are able to…

1. Capture key information and photos with your mobile device or tablet

Simply snap, tag and annotate field photosto capture site conditions, GPS coordinates, into the photos to provide proof and create searchable content. This will allow    you to produce custom PDF reports from the field with photos.

2. Automate filing of photos to WebCenter Content (WCC)

Oracle WebCenter FotoInStream provides an automated upload, organization and filing process for your photos from your mobile device or tablet to WebCenter Content. It also syncs your photos from the field with additional  home office, partners, etc.

3. Centrally manage photos and account settings

Oracle WebCenter FotoInStream lets you manage and control all devices within your organization, configure tags and fields and search photos across multiple devices/projects within your organization. For example, you can use keywords to quickly pull up photos, including ability to search wording within annotations on the photo.

Oracle WebCenter FotoInStream lets employees capture information and photos with a mobile device or tablet and upload to Oracle WebCenter Content.


To learn more about Oracle WebCenter FotoInStream and how this mobile solution can change the way that your organization captures and reports field information, download the datasheet below.

FotoInStream Datasheet Download