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Extend Your Oracle WebCenter Imaging Automated Invoice Processing Solution with TekStream’s Reporting Package


Extend Your Oracle WebCenter Imaging
Automated Invoice Processing Solution

with TekStream’s Reporting Package

By: Carl Dion | Senior Solution Architect

If you have an Oracle WebCenter Imaging based automated invoice processing solution that was built using the Oracle Financials Image Processing Solution Accelerator as a foundation, TekStream Solutions can easily extend your solution with a robust reporting package.  This TekStream Accelerator Reporting Package will provide significant value to your AP management team.  AP management will have:

  • Tracking of system and user actions and comments throughout the life cycle of an invoice in an Accelerator … from:
    • Capture (scanning and import), to
    • Forms Recognition, to
    • Permanent filing in WebCenter Imaging, to
    • The invoice processing workflow, to
    • Invoice creation in Oracle Financials and
    • Subsequent invoice payment
  • Instant visibility to the history of system and user actions and comments for an invoice throughout the process
  • A permanent record of the history of system and user actions and comments associated with the invoice; filed in WebCenter Imaging as a PDF document that is easily accessible by management and auditors.
  • Dashboards providing real time visibility into the status of the automated invoice process and the financial information the process contains, including such information such as:
    • Number/value of invoices in process and location in process
      • AP resource backlog
      • Quantity, value and aging details per approver
      • Value of invoices in process
      • Number/value of invoices per key suppliers
    • Process choke points
    • Average processing time / time to payment
  • Reconciliation of invoices captured versus invoices inserted into EBS and invoices deleted or marked as duplicate.

The TekStream Reporting Package has been designed as an external element of Enterprise Capture, WebCenter Forms Recognition, WebCenter Imaging and the Accelerator BPEL process that can easily be added to a new or existing WebCenter Imaging based Accelerator solutions.  This enables the package to be easily integrated with Accelerator solutions that are typically customized to meet the unique and specific needs of each client.

In addition, this Package ties together the disparate databases of Enterprise Capture, WebCenter Forms Recognition, WebCenter Imaging and BPEL.  Further, it monitors the Oracle Financials database for invoice status and payment information.

Key features of the Package are:

  • Reporting Data Table and Sensors
  • Invoice Process Trace History
    • Accessible on demand by end users from the familiar AXF Task Viewer
    • Presenting a history of who touched the invoice from capture, through Forms Recognition and into the workflow;  when they touched it; what actions they performed; and comments they recorded
    • PDF Audit Document
      • A permanent record of the Process Trace History; filed in WebCenter Imaging alongside the respective invoice; with a link under the paperclip for the respective invoice in EBS
      • Payment Status Information
        • Paid/voided
        • Payment Number
        • Payment Date
        • Invoice Process BAM Dashboards
        • Workflow Instance Tracing Enhancements
          • Aids for the WebCenter Imaging system administrator when troubleshooting

Included with the Package is a complete set of documentation, including the fully documented data model, to allow client’s to access the data and export it for creation of reports using Excel, Crystal Reports, Cognos or other reporting tools.  The documentation will also allow clients to easily develop Oracle BAM (Business Activity Monitor) dashboards and reports.  Further, it can be easily integrated with Oracle’s Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition to feed reporting data into the larger corporate business management mechanisms.

TekStream’s WebCenter Imaging team has over 60 years of experience implementing the WebCenter Imaging and related products to provide client’s effective high value document imaging and workflow solutions that provide significant benefits to client business operations.  This expertise will enable us to rapidly and effectively assess your Accelerator reporting requirements, install and extend the TekStream Reporting Package as necessary, and help your AP management team rapidly achieve operational benefits.

In closing, there is work to do to implement the TekStream Accelerator Reporting Package.  But the work will be well worth the effort.  Your AP management team will welcome the management assistance the TekStream Reporting Package offers them.  It will provide immediate short term benefits and will serve as a platform for you to extend the reporting to best meet your AP management team’s needs.  The most effective approach to adding effective reporting and auditing functionality to your Accelerator based automated invoice processing solution is to contact us at TekStream Solutions.  We will be pleased to work with you and your AP management team to improve their ability to effectively manage their Accelerator based invoice processing solution.