TekStream Service Solutions

TekStream’s experience, dedication, and professionalism help you achieve your IT goals faster

TekStream Solutions specializes in addressing company-wide IT problems faced by enterprise businesses. Our certified consultants have led over 250 deployments and take pride in providing pre-packaged solution services, as well as customer-specific enhancements. These service solutions ensure that you achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively. Each of our projects leverages TekStream’s proven “QuickStream” delivery methodology for an end result that better fits your unique IT needs.

About Our Service Solutions:

TekStream brings years of experience designing and implementing business solutions in organizations across all industries.  In addition to standard installation, development, and deployment services, TekStream offers detailed and focused solutions to help companies strategically align their business needs to ensure success. Our most cutting-edge service solutions include:

  • QuickStream Solutions– QuickStream is our all-inclusive four to six week service engagement that aligns business stakeholders and IT organizations before a project begins. The insights provided by QuickStream help organizations avoid negative business outcomes and IT project failures due to unmet quality, cost, and time expectations.
  • QuickStart Solutions– QuickStart solutions offer companies looking to take full advantage of Oracle’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings a roadmap to success. TekStream’s QuickStart is designed to help companies get up and running and maximize the ROI of their Oracle PaaS investments in just four short weeks. Quick Analysis, Design, Build, and Test stages allow our customers to experience the power of the Cloud while providing point solutions that work.
  • Full Lifecycle Deployment Solutions– Full lifecycle deployment solutions provide a cost-effective implementation phasing methodology that includes design, development, production, and project management. You’ll finish your project on-time with the lowest possible cost in terms of time and resources.

When large companies decide to take on a major IT project, such as an Oracle implementation, they struggle to do so without wasting unnecessary amounts of time and money, and they often struggle to just get the project off the ground. TekStream has the expertise you need to avoid the pitfalls of IT undertakings. Our service solutions even provide cutting-edge implementation methodologies that cut the average time such projects take dramatically.