Case Study

Vizzia Technologies Creates Secure and Isolated Environments for Their Customer Applications with AWS

Customer: Vizzia Technologies

Industry: Hospitals & Physicians Clinics

Business Pain: Vizzia is a leading provider of IoT technology solutions for several healthcare organizations.  Vizzia’s tracking systems help hospitals cut costs and streamline complicated processes.  Vizzia wanted to migrate their workloads from a traditional data center to AWS.  Vizzia engaged TekStream to deploy an infrastructure using AWS best practices and use IaC (Infrastructure as code) to create secure and isolated environments for their customer applications.

Key Pain Points:

  • Migrate 23 servers off of existing data center
  • Secure/isolate customer workloads
  • Use best practices and use AWS native tools when appropriate
  • Identify future AWS native tools to utilize
  • Use IaC templates in Terraform to quickly launch new customer infrastructure.
  • Reduce costs and performance issues on application servers.
  • No disaster recovery plan.
  • No separation of web, application and data tiers.

Challenges: Customer wanted to leverage AWS to have better control of the infrastructure.  This led to better security, isolation of customer data and a better handle on costs.  Their existing implementation also consisted of application servers that hosted DBs running on the same host which led to more maintenance and performance issues.

How we fixed it: Tekstream created IaC templates to suit the customer environmental needs, and leverage Aurora to reduce EC2 instance sizes and DB loads.  Vizzia isolated customer network in separate VPC’s and used Transit Gateway to allow shared services communication.  Aurora’s autoscaling and managed service allowed Vizzia resources to focus on customer related requirements for their tracking applications.  Vizzia also engaged Tekstream for MSP services for server monitoring and security.

Having IaC templates in AWS will allow Vizzia to scale and spin up new environments with less overhead, in less time, with less cost.  By partnering with TekStream Vizzia will have better control over their infrastructure, and be better prepared for disaster recovery in a multi-region environment.  Vizzia will isolate customer data in a secure fashion and leverage cloud services to reduce overhead, and increase performance in a scalable fashion.