Customer: State of Florida Division

Industry: State & Regional Agencies

Business Pain: A key Division of the State of Florida government has a retirement portal to service over 1M+ currently employed and retired employees of the State Government. This portal solution has been hosted in an off-premises data center and is comprised of a scalable web application using n-Tier Java and Database technologies and integrating with many other State of Florida systems. With all hardware owned by the state, State of Florida was facing the regular yearly expenditures for support and hosting services as well as an upcoming, significant hardware replacement cost in their upcoming fiscal year. In their previous fiscal year, their on-premises hardware had 99.3% uptime and all unscheduled downtime were related to hardware issues. For these reasons, the State of Florida began looking for a Cloud migration path to move from an off-premises hardware data center model to a modern Cloud infrastructure operating expense model.

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