Florida State Board of Administration Saves Over $500,000 by Moving to Amazon Web Services

Customer: Florida State Board of Administration

Industry: State & Regional Agencies

Business Pain:

Retirement Portal
The State Board of Administration (SBA) for the Florida government has a retirement portal that services over 1.5M+ current and retired employees. The SBA’s retirement portal (www.myfrs.com) has been hosted in an off-premises data center and is comprised of a web application framework using n-Tier Java and Aurora Database technologies that integrates with many other critical State of Florida systems. The portal provides resources to its members to manage funds in their Investment and Pension Plans. On an average, more than 200,000 users per month use the portal to manage their financial portfolio and is a go-to resource for many retirees and employees.

Expensive On-premise Hardware
The State owns a significant amount of hardware and the SBA was facing regular, annual expenditures for support and hosting services as well as a significant replacement cost in the next fiscal year. In the previous fiscal year, their on-premises hardware and networking equipment caused all unscheduled downtime.

Cloud Migration
The SBA began looking for a strategic partner and a potential solution provider to lead a Cloud migration and to move from an on-premises hardware data center model to a modern Cloud infrastructure operating expense model. Tekstream was chosen as the digital transformation partner to lead the mission-critical engagement.

TekStream assisted the State in determining the cost of migrating to the AWS Cloud platform to be significantly less than the cost of the upcoming hardware refresh, especially when factoring in the reduction in future operating costs. The Return on Investment (ROI) calculations also included key pieces of the infrastructure, such as migrating the Oracle Database supporting the portal application from the hosted model to the AWS managed services model, initially leveraging Amazon RDS for Oracle enables and subsequently leveraging Amazon Aurora for further cost savings related to the operating costs of managing an Oracle database including patching, optimization, and monitoring.

With the Phase I launch of the solution, TekStream was able to realize significant cost savings for the SBA and State of Florida. In addition to the $250,000 of hardware that did not have to be purchased for the refresh, the AWS platform’s ongoing savings enabled a 50% decrease in cost compared to the on-premises solution over a 5 year period for this one application in just one division.

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