Case Study

Parallel Seeks Well-Architected Review

Customer: Parallel

Industry: Health Care

Business Pain: Parallel was beginning to evaluate eCommerce platforms for its online store. They were relatively new to AWS and were looking for advice and expertise before getting started.

Parallel had a small AWS account that had a small Redshift cluster and a handful of Ec2 instances. One of its initiatives was to launch its eCommerce platform to power its online store. Security, compliance, and general best practices were important areas for then to become knowledgeable before setting forth.

How we fixed it: TekStream conducted a Well-Architected review with many cross-functional team members- from InfoSec, development, and Operations.

The Well-Architected review provided a platform that allows all the different teams to get aligned on business goals and understand areas of improvement around their AWS account.

In addition to providing some guidelines for moving forward, (Metrics, Monitoring, establish KPIs, runbooks, playbooks, etc.), the stakeholders were able to align themselves along with business initiative and have general agreement on a go-forward strategy.

Technology Involved: AWS Well-Architected Tool