Case Study

AWS Microsoft Migration for RGCX

Customer: RGCX

Industry: Transportation

Business Pain: RGCX was relocating its office to Atlanta and needed to migrate core business applications and supporting services to AWS.

RGCX had a server that contained several VM’s that were critical to business operations that were hosted in a local facility. Since RGCX was relocating to Atlanta, the VM’s needed to be migrated to a robust, reliable infrastructure. AWS was chosen as the destination to move these VM’s and migrate VPN and Active Directory to.

How we fixed it : TekStream worked with RGCX to understand the required services, business requirements, and to develop a sound migration plan to move these services over. Instead of managing Active Directory and VPN services themselves, we proposed they used AWS Directory Service, AWS VPN, and EC2 with Windows behind a load balancer. Because of technical requirements, Microsoft SQL Server was migrated to Ec2 Instances.

All applications, user data, and functionality were successfully migrated over to AWS. Success was determined when RGCX’s IT admin powered off their vacated server.

Technology Involved: AWS Ec2, AWS ELB, AWS VPC, AWS VPN, CloudWatch Metrics, Dashboards