WebCenter Content – Admin Applet Fix With Java Security



by: Sanjay Sen, Developer, TekStream Solutions, Webcenter Content Optimization

The Problem:

When users login to UCM and navigate to the UCM’s Admin Applets, they may experience that the Admin Applet icons do not load (as shown below).

Note: Conducted using Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. The installed Java version on the user’s local machine was Java 7 update 51.


Part of the reason for this is because the applets run on a lower version of Java (ideally Java 6 update 27; however, this is not confirmed as many users on the Oracle forum have described having lower versions of Java and yet experiencing this issue). Eventually it becomes a hit or miss situation. The downgrading process is also cumbersome and can take some time trying to install the correct version of Java until you have it finally working.

There is an alternative fix to this problem – enabling a Java security access to the UCM’s URL implicitly.  The steps below outline this process:

Step 1:

Click Start from the windows taskbar and navigate to “Control Panel.”

Step 2:

In Control Panel, click on “Java.”


Step 3:

Under the Java Control Panel, navigate to the Security Tab.


Step 4:

By default “Enable Java content in the browser” show be checked à Make sure that it is.


Step 5:

Security Level should be set to “High” by default à Make sure that it is.


Step 6:

In the “Exception Site List” click “Edit Site List…”


Step 7:

A new window will pop-up “Exception Site List” click on “Add.”


Step 8:

Enter http://localhost:16200/cs/idcplg.

Click “OK.” (P.S – you will notice an unlocked icon. It is telling you that this site is at security risk – totally OK!)


Step 9:

Another pop-up window will appear, asking you for final permissions to give access to that web location.  Click “Continue.”


Step 10:

You should now see the URL in the list. Click “OK”.

Try to reload the Admin Applet in UCM, and see the magic!


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