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Companies Are Missing Out on Free Money from AWS

AWS is currently offering a range of funding programs to incentivize companies of almost any size or phase to shift workloads to AWS. Their goal is to help businesses accelerate their adoption of AWS while enabling them to focus on innovation instead of trying to cover infrastructure and implementation costs.   That’s right: AWS will […]

OAuth2 Authentication Tokens in Splunk

By: Jon Walthour | Technical Architect Authentication tokens in Splunk allow you to access Splunk via the REST interface, usually serviced on port 8089 on a search head, without needing to pass a username/password combinations in the call. The type of tokens Splunk employs are JSON web tokens. To utilize an authentication token to access […]

TekStream Recognized in 2022 Splunk Regional Partner Awards

TekStream Named 2022 AMER Cloud Partner of the Year for Outstanding Regional Performance Atlanta, Georgia, June 15, 2022 – TekStream Solutions announced today it has received the Splunk 2022 AMER Cloud Partner of the Year award for exceptional performance and commitment to Splunk’s Partnerverse. This award acknowledges the outstanding success and innovation by TekStream to […]

What’s Your State of Observability Maturity?

By: Brent McKinney | Senior Splunk Consultant   Your MSP Can Help You Mature More Quickly Splunk recently released its 2nd annual State of Observability Report based on surveys from 1250 observability practitioners, managers, and experts across various industries. It measures their success with observability as the organizations accelerate the transition of workloads to the […]

ITSI Aggregation Policy [Adding Additional Alert Actions]

by: Brent Mckinney | Senior Splunk Consultant By default, ITSI allows you to perform several actions around episodes created from notable events. Under the Action Rules tab in our ITSI Aggregation Policy, we can see a list of these default actions. This blog will walk through where these actions are configured, and how to add […]

[Solved] Resizing x11 Window in MobaXterm

By: Brandon Prasnicki | Senior Solutions Cloud Architect Recently on a project, I had an issue where I was using an Oracle Webcenter Graphical user interface installer by running an installer command on a Linux host using MobaXterm from my Windows OS.  Almost every time I launched the installer, it generated an X11 window in MobaXterm […]

Infosec App on Splunk Cloud – Part 1: Installing and Configuring

By: Khristian Pena | Team Lead Are you looking to introduce security use cases to your Splunk Cloud deployment? If so, there’s a free app that is your entry to continuous monitoring and security investigations. The InfoSec App on Splunk is an entry level security solution powered by the Splunk platform that is designed to […]

Customizing Content Type Fields in Oracle Content Management Cloud

How to Create Dynamic or Dependent Select List Fields for Content Contribution By Courtney Dooley | Technical Architect Oracle Content Management Cloud allows for text fields to be a select list of options but does not allow dynamic population from an external source without customization.  Outlined below are two customization methods available, and the benefits and tips […]