What's Next?

For enterprises of all sizes, the threat environment is more dynamic than ever. Cyberattacks and data breaches are increasing in frequency, cost, and sophistication, costing enterprises millions of dollars and compromising security, data integrity, and customer trust. The complexity of these attacks is making organizations rethink the tools and systems they need to combat these threats. 

Here are things you must do to remain protected.

It’s time to embrace a modern SIEM solution. Splunk allows organizations to collect, parse, monitor, analyze and store data from any source. By making machine data accessible, usable and valuable, Splunk can identify data patterns, diagnose problems and deliver operational intelligence, giving businesses a real-time look at their infrastructure. According to a recent Gartner report, Splunk stands above the rest to provide a modern, analytics-driven SIEM solution.

Customize Your Solution

When it comes to security, every organization is unique. One size does not fit all. Although Splunk Enterprise Security provides numerous out-of-the-box threat detection settings, every organization’s data environment is different. Splunk designed its security solution with customization in mind. TekStream’s Splunk ES Services consultants will work with your team to ensure that your Splunk ES implementation is configured properly to suit your organization’s specific data environment, including integration with other security solutions.

Whether you need consulting, managed services, Managed Security Services, licensing help, or more, TekStream is uniquely positioned to ensure your Splunk security solution is implemented successfully and your SOC is managed properly.

Tekstream is the only Splunk Premier MSP and Professional Services partner in North America. Our consultants specialize in Splunk implementations, hold the highest level of certification available to Splunk partners, and are experienced with Splunk instances deployed on-prem, in the Splunk Cloud, and through third-party cloud providers.

About TekStream's Unique Model

A static SOC is a vulnerable SOC. We employ our capability-based maturity model to increase the effectiveness of threat detection and response and implement a continuous improvement model based on three key dimensions: visibility, fidelity, and automation. With our proven methodology, we implement your managed Splunk SIEM based on use case prioritization and data source analysis, starting with immediate threats and available data.

For Managed Security Services, we provide 24/7 operational monitoring and threat detection, response, and reporting, 365 days a year, from our Security Operations Center in Atlanta, GA.

How to Get Started

Whether you are currently using or are interested in implementing Splunk, TekStream can work with your team to ensure you’re getting the best return on your investment. Let us custom create the best security environment for your unique enterprise. To learn more about our services, get in touch below!

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