TekStream’s AWS Cloud Optimization Solution 

AWS Cloud Optimization Solution Contains and Optimizes Your AWS Cloud Spend

As organizations adopt the Cloud to run critical business applications, maintain test and development environments, and devise geographic disaster recovery solutions, cost can quickly get out of hand without the appropriate controls and oversight to manage how and when the systems are utilized.  AWS Cloud Optimization is a mix of software and Amazon Cloud experts that collect, analyze, recommend, and correct elements of your AWS account to ensure you are only spending money on what is needed to meet your business needs.

Many companies find themselves in a situation where they spun up servers for a particular development activity and then forgot to shut them down.  In other cases, snapshots may have been performed for short-term backups of active systems, but forgot to clear them out when no longer needed.  All of these can lead to orphaned AWS elements that are still being charged for even though they no longer provide any value to the organization.  TekStream’s AWS Cloud Optimization monitors your AWS accounts and focuses on key elements that can be taken off line or deleted to reduce your monthly spend.  Our solutions software, comprised of Collectors and Reapers are backed by analytics to make initial recommendations to help you cut costs.  Collectors investigate a wide variety of AWS services and how they are used including:

  • Orphaned Snapshots
  • Snapshots backed by AMIs
  • Orphaned EBS volumes
  • PIOPS on orphaned volumes
  • EBS volumes on stopped instances
  • Unused instances
  • Legacy instance types
  • Underutilized instances

While many off-the-shelf products can provide details of your AWS utilization, TekStream’s AWS Cloud Optimization incorporates the knowledge and experience of expert AWS Cloud architects to validate and confirm the findings from automated services.  Recommendations based on information captured from our Collectors are made by AWS professionals to ensure you are getting the most out of your AWS experience.  Our AWS Cloud architects work with your AWS developers and managers to understand how you are using your AWS services and provide the correct recommendations to better manage your environment.  Based on inputs from our analytics and recommendations, Reapers will be configured to automatically maintain your environment by turning off only what is no longer needed or to help manage dynamic scaling of systems.

In some cases, further savings can be gained from re-architecting your applications to ensure they are Cloud Ready and are taking full advantage of what AWS has to offer.  Many of the applications that organizations are running on AWS originated as an on-premise application that was moved to the Cloud.  TekStream can assist you by reviewing these applications, ensure that they are sized properly, and assist in recommending and recoding portions of the application to take full advantage of the dynamic capabilities of AWS IaaS and PaaS services.  This can lead to even larger savings by reducing the required footprint and allowing for greater flexibility to scale at peak times.