Adding Value to WFR 11g With the WFR AP Reporting Application



 Adding Value to WFR 11g With the WFR AP Reporting Application

By: Karla Broadrick | Developer

Oracle WebCenter Forms Recognition is a powerful tool in an AP solution, providing automated invoice extraction.  WFR intelligently extracts invoice data, reducing manual intervention needed to manually key invoices.  Out of the box, however, WFR does not provide any reporting capability.  Without metrics, it is difficult to identify areas where WFR is adding value and other areas where the solution needs additional tuning to improve the accuracy of extracted values.

The AP Project does provide the ability to output reporting data to database tables, however by itself, this data is not very useful without a means to extrapolate and interact with the data.  This is where the WFR AP Project Reporting application comes in.  The AP Project Reporting application uses Oracle Application Express (APEX) to provide several useful reports of the data generated by the AP Project.  This application is provided by Oracle to implementation partners at no-cost and when implemented properly can add great value to a customer’s WFR solution.

The Reports
Ten reports are provided in the AP Project Reporting application (two of which are only for WFR 11.1.1).  This free article provides an overview of each report and explains how they can add value to a WFR solution!

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