How to Keep Your Profile Value with the New Patch Set for Oracle WebCenter Content 11.8 (MLR15)


How to Keep Your Profile Value with the New Patch
Set for Oracle WebCenter Content 11.8 (MLR15)

By: Angela Lindsey | WebCenter Content Senior Developer

Dependent on Profiles?

Does your WebCenter Content system use profiles?  Do you ever have to update metadata from the Full Update Form? Do you expect that the profile value will remain as it was prior to clicking the Full Update Form button?  I would expect that basic behavior but the latest patch set for WCC 11.8 (aka MLR15) decided to make a slight change on the Full Update Form which clears this value!  Yes I did say, clears this value. Oh and not only clears the value but also removes the Default Update Form button.

At one time when you clicked on Full Update Form to show all the metadata, not only was the value of Profile still there but there was a Default Update Form button to return to the profiled update screen.  With the latest patch set applied, when you are making a metadata update on the Full Update Form screen and don’t notice this value is now blank, a quick click on Submit Update will display the awful, un-profiled content information screen.  That is when the call comes into the help desk with a typical “my screen is all messed up” panic.

TekSteam has a fix and can quickly remedy your issue.


Atlanta Business Chronicle Names TekStream One of Atlanta’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2016




Atlanta, GA (April 22, 2016) – For the second time in just three years, The Atlanta Business Chronicle has recognized TekStream as one of “Atlanta’s 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies” at the 21st annual Pacesetter Awards. These awards honor local companies that are taking business to the next level and experiencing growth at top speed. TekStream joins tech powerhouses Insightpool, Salesloft, and Paymetric as being one of Atlanta’s top private tech companies and ranks #57 overall.

All 2016 nominees were invited to a formal awards ceremony on Thursday, April 21st at the Georgia Aquarium and a special keynote was delivered by Arby’s CEO, Paul Brown.

“When TekStream received this award in 2014 during our first year of eligibility, it was extremely exciting, but being recognized again in such a short amount of time is truly humbling,” said Chief Executive Officer, Rob Jansen. “It goes without saying that it would not be possible for us to achieve this growth without the continued support of our employees, customers, partners, and many mentors along the way.”

“TekStream, an Oracle Gold Partner, has quickly become a thought-leader and expert in the Oracle Fusion Middleware, WebCenter, BPM, and Oracle Cloud Platform with over 250 deployments across the country. By offering software, services, support, and sourcing, TekStream can create unique and innovative solutions for the Fortune 1000 customers that we serve,” stated Judd Robins, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“This prestigious recognition is quite an honor, and a strong reflection of the team that we’ve been able to put together at TekStream,” stated Mark Gannon, Executive Vice President of Recruitment. “Atlanta is becoming a technology hub for the U.S., and we look for forward to using this momentum to continue to hire and place top talent in positions that will empower them to succeed.”

TekStream has seen a three-year growth of over 337% and added over 75 jobs in the last 12-18 months. The company’s impressive rise has allowed it to receive accolades from groups like Inc. 5000 and AJC’s Top Workplaces; however, the sky is the limit for this tech firm. Look for TekStream to continue to introduce new Oracle Cloud platforms in 2016, and introduce next-generation solutions for Business, Government, Healthcare, and Education.

About TekStream Solutions:

TekStream Solutions is an Atlanta-based technology solutions company that specializes in addressing the company-wide IT problems faced by enterprise businesses, such as consolidating and streamlining disparate content and application delivery systems and the market challenges to create “anytime, anywhere access” to data for employees, partners and customers. TekStream’s IT consulting solutions combined with its specialized IT recruiting expertise helps businesses increase efficiencies, streamline costs and remain competitive in an extremely fast-changing market. For more information about TekStream, visit or email Britton Clark at


As Simple as “Else” – Workflow Routing Made Easy


As Simple as “Else” – Workflow Routing Made Easy

By: Angela Lindsey | WebCenter Content Senior Developer

Workflow can be as simple as Step1-Approve and Released. In the majority of cases there are complex step names and within them even more complex scripts to drive an item based on metadata, user, rejection location and almost any other variable that can be thought of. A creative developer can literally make workflow routing magic happen with enough time and testing.

Have you ever had an item enter a workflow step (EntryStep) and jump to the next step based on the value of one or more metadata fields?  What if you give it the option to jump to multiple places based on metadata? What if more than one option is true? Here is the example:


The workflow is setup that all Contracts should go to the ExecutiveReview step in workflow and if any other flags are met they should go there first and then to ExecutiveReivew.

This should achieve this solution right?

<$if xLegalShouldReview like “Yes”$>

<$wfSet(“wfJumpTargetStep”, “LegalReview@WorkflowName”)$>

<$if dDocType like “Contract”$>

<$wfSet(“wfJumpTargetStep”, “ExecutiveReview@WorkflowName”)$>


Wrong.  The item will meet both criteria but only jump on the last criteria met – so even though it’s flagged to go to LegalReview it will instead jump to ExecutiveReview.  This is where the power of <$else$> comes in.  If we change the code to be the following – it will pick up the first flag and jump instead of moving to the next flag.

<$if xLegalShouldReview like “Yes”$>

<$wfSet(“wfJumpTargetStep”, “LegalReview@WorkflowName”)$>
<$else dDocType like “Contract”$>

<$wfSet(“wfJumpTargetStep”, “ExecutiveReview@WorkflowName”)$>


Changing from two ifs forces the item to make a decision and it will take the first one instead of the second since that criteria is met first.

It is as simple as ELSE.