Inspyrus Velocity: The Proof is in the…Concept

Inspyrus Velocity:  The Proof is in the…Concept

By: Marvin Martinez | Senior Developer

The Inspyrus Invoice Automation solution can significantly streamline a company’s accounts payable (AP) process.  With automated PO matching, workflow routing, streamlined and even touchless approvals of purchase orders, it can greatly increase efficiency of invoice processing. Deep prebuilt integrations into the world leading ERP software allow Inspyrus to ensure all exception handling is done upfront, minimizing errors and ensuring accuracy. However, sometimes just hearing about it isn’t enough.  Sometimes, one has to see it to believe it.  That is where TekStream’s Inspyrus Velocity option can help.

Inspyrus Velocity is a Tekstream offering that allows the deployment of a usable Inspyrus implementation, connected to your ERP and Active Directory, for proof-of-concept (POC) and hands-on evaluation purposes.  With this offering, a prospective customer can get an idea of the kind of improvement and benefit that the Inspyrus Invoice Automation solution is able to provide.  This simplified POC environment, while likely a subset of the entire solution that a customer might require, still showcases plenty of standard Inspyrus features that are sure to impress anyone.

Included with the Inspyrus Velocity offering are the following standard features:

  • Out-of-the-box standard Inspyrus workflows, including 2-way POs, 3-way POs, Non-PO, prepayment, and credit memo invoices
  • Real-time integration to a non-production EBS ERP system
  • AP Initial Review assignments to a single AP work queue
  • Automated pairing for 2-way and 3-way POs
  • Batch Matching to automate receipt matching of 3-way PO invoices if invoice was received before shipment was received
  • Configuration of 1 organizational/operating unit
  • Approval hierarchy for approvals, including email approvals
  • Email monitoring of 1 customer email inbox for invoice ingestion
  • Up to 5 routing reason codes/exception codes
  • Integration to 1 Active Directory domain
  • Dedicated site to site connectivity through VPN for ERP and Active Directory connections
  • Recurring invoices

These out-of-the-box features, while only a subset of the suite of features that the solution offers, still constitute a feature-rich application able to showcase the power, ease of use, and versatility of the Inspyrus Invoice Automation solution.  With this proof-of-concept offering via TekStream’s Inspyrus Velocity, a prospective customer can get a feel for how their accounts payable process could be streamlined and how their day-to-day processes greatly improved.  If an out-of-the-box proof of concept can demonstrate these improvements, imagine how much additional features like available auto-coding and predictive coding of non-PO invoices and customized validation logic for proprietary/internal procedures and policies can do? 

Want to learn more about what Inspyrus Invoice Automation can do for you, and even see it working in real-time for your ERP? Contact us today!